3.7x Return on Ad Spend

Modern Shades Generate A Cool Return.

Nectr teamed up with Ombraz Sunglasses to put their unbreakable, undroppable sunglasses on the map with a 30-day Facebook-fueled crowdfunding campaign. With our help, Ombraz secured their funding eight hours after launch, surpassing their initial goal of $20,000 with $163,000 in final pledges.

Nectr was tasked with managing a reserved social media ad budget. Through creative testing and measured audience building, we were able to deploy a comprehensive revenue-generating funnel and provide an exponential return on investment.

Since joining forces with Ombraz, our team has been able to profitably scale their monthly social advertising spend by 16x. To see the full outline of our process and results, swoop down below.

Services Provided

These are the services that were used in this project.

Google Ads

Show up where people are searching.
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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ad creation/distribution, copywriting, creative testing, and insightful reporting.
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return on ad spend


shades sold


returned in revenue

The Product

Ombraz (ohm-bruz) shades are a fresh take on a classic accessory. Defined by a durable, comfortable, and ultimately more practical sunglasses design, they do away with side arms, screws, and hinges, replacing it all with a simple, adjustable cord. The end result is an easy-shipping, near-indestructible package that just so happens to look good, too.

When we tried Ombraz, it was love at first sight. We knew right then we had to be a part of their movement.


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