Keep Your City Smiling

The Big Pivot

Helping People, Help People.

Sam and Joe Eitzen, brothers and co-founders of Snapbar, a photo booth rental company, watched 90% of their projected 2020 revenue disappear overnight. It was April. The pandemic was in full swing. Snapbar events were being canceled left and right. The Eitzens had to act fast, they had a company to save. Not to mention over 50 people to keep employed. With a 180-degree pivot, Keep Your City Smiling was born. Picture this: Gift boxes filled with high-quality products sourced from small local businesses. A novel concept that could help keep local business afloat and the Snapbar staff employed in a critical time.

We came across the Eitzen's story on LinkedIn. We knew we had to do our part. So we offered to set up an e-commerce campaign on Facebook and Instagram, free of charge. The campaign exceeded everyone's wildest expectations.

Services Provided

These are the services that were used in this project.

Google Ads

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ad creation/distribution, copywriting, creative testing, and insightful reporting.
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It didn't just stop there, rapid e-commerce growth allowed The Eitzens and Keep Your City Smiling to expand the idea outside of Seattle. They partnered with more small businesses, creating locally-themed gift boxes for New York City, Los Angeles, and the greater West Coast.

Since we partnered with Keep Your City Smiling, their gift box idea has gone Corporate in a big, big way. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Tableau have placed large orders, delighting their teams with locally-sourced products (and delighting the small businesses featured in those boxes as well đŸ˜‰).


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