Driving Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic Couldn't Be Sweeter.

Nectr linked up with FROST to drive foot traffic to their physical stores using Facebook & Instagram lead form ads. Nectr managed an ongoing social media ad budget, testing various audiences and creative combinations. We delivered pinpointed messaging to users within a radius around FROST locations, sending coupons only redeemable in-store

Services Provided

These are the services that were used in this project.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Ad creation/distribution, copywriting, creative testing, and insightful reporting.
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Step 1

Social media advertisement featuring coupon details and some tasty creative is served to Facebook & Instagram users within 20-mile radius around Frost's Everett location.

Step 2

After the 'Get Offer' button is clicked, a lead form appears. This screen prompts the beginning of the lead form experience.

Step 3

Form asks user for their first name and email address in exchange for their coupon. Adding a mild data capture allows us to get more precise and cost effective with future advertising.

Step 4

After a user submits their information, the requested coupon is automatically sent to their email inbox within seconds. In-store redemption was tracked using Frost's POS (Point of Sale) system.


website views


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