TikTok Ads

The greenest ad space on the block.

We’ve gained plenty of insight through the years, managing an advertising portfolio of over $5M on behalf of our clients. Our biggest takeaway: the digital advertising landscape is in constant flux. The algorithms seem to favor something new every day.


Ad Account & Business Center configuration
TikTok Pixel conversion tracking setup
Attribution & privacy compliance


Ad caption, headline, and media creation (testing multiple of each)
Media buying strategy and campaign builds
Custom audience development (take full advantage of the customer data you own)
Pinpointed targeting and retargeting (on a single ad platform or across multiple)


Daily monitoring
Weekly optimizations
Comment thread responses on all ads
LIVE reporting (access the latest numbers at any time)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of ads you’ll create?

Rarely! There are typically no limits/quotas to the number of advertisements created and tested.

Will I get to review the ads before they go live?

Yes! Our team will seek approval of all marketing material/verbiage prior to publication.

I know I need to advertise online but I’m not sure what’s best, can you help?

Absolutely, tell us your goals and we’ll recommend a plan to achieve them. Book that call... you can even take the plan and execute it yourself if you want.

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